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London Street Art Shutters

By Hookedblog @hookedblog

It's Friday and we were up early this morning to hit the streets and capture a few new and some older roller shutters that we have been trying to photograph for some time now. We have already featured some awesome street art earlier this week on Hookedblog including the stunning new wall from Sheffield artist Phlegm as well as our photographic roundup of London Street Art and not forgetting the work of Spanish street artist PEZ who has been bringing a welcome splash of colour to the streets of Hackney.
Malarky & Pez
So here is a selection of what we photographed this morning, two new shutters from Malarky both colloborative pieces and both with Spanish artists. The first is with PEZ pictured above on Brick Lane and the second shutter features the work of Barcelona artist eDjinn on Cheshire Street. Up top a classic piece from Ronzo who loves Dalston unlike the grumpy old man in the photo!
Malarky Dscreet
Triplets! And no, not the sequel to the 80s Twins movie that's just been announced!! But three new triplet owls from East London artist Dscreet. Finally two older shutters featuring work from Gaia and Mr. Penfold, both on shops that always seem to be open!
Mr. Penfold Gaia
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