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Letter to St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster

Posted on the 28 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
Dear Mayor Foster,
Can we talk guns?
When it comes to gun violence, your first term as mayor of St. Petersburg has been a brutal one. Just this year, three of the city's finest were killed by people with guns they should not have had. Not two weeks ago, a security officer was shot dead.
In your sister city across the bay, two more police officers were similarly murdered last summer. The man arrested was a felon who, again, should not have had a gun.
Tragedy after tragedy. And beyond belief.
Some 30,000 Americans die in gun-related violence every year. Mention Columbine, Virginia Tech or the Tucson shootings, and everyone knows the scenes of horror you're talking about.
The letter writer goes on to invite the mayor to join the MAIG, which had recently visited his city. Contrary to the NRA lis and the resulting wide-spread belief among gun-rights advocates, The Msyors Against Illegal Guns is just what its name implies, a group opposed to ILLEGALLY owned guns.
In fact the group supports the 2nd Amendment.
Mayor Foster's response:
Your fellow mayors in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee have joined. Your own police chief supports them. You, however, seem reluctant.
You've said you don't know enough about the group, and anyway, the Legislature has the ultimate say on gun issues.
It seems the mayor is like many politicians who cater to the wishes of their constituents, either that or he's just another biased gun-rights supporter who can't see the forest for the trees.
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