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Let It Go. Move On.

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog
I started writing this blog because it's something that I've been wanting to do for years. I've always been an open book, never ashamed of the decisions I've made in life and I love to talk to women who are like me. I've been writing for about 3 months now and Zahara's biological dad has been mentioned in quite a few post.
It's kind of difficult not to mention that situation because it is a part of me but I am ready to let it rest. I would hate to look like K. Michelle or Mimi (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta) or any other woman who seems to be holding on to old baggage. The fact of the matter is Zahara has a dad, his name is Ricardo Lacey (my husband) and that's the end of that. Anyway, I've been working out for the past couple of weeks trying to challenge myself and now I am ready for a new challenge. The challenge of REALLY moving on and letting some old things go. I hope that maybe some of my readers will jump on board and start this challenge with me. Being a single mom will always be a part of me and I will talk about it and help women as long as I live; I just want to take a break from blogging about it. With that being said, please go to the contact section and email me anytime you need to vent about life as a single mom or anything else.
Are you ready for the challenge?

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