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Latest Sick Anti-Russian Lie: Russia “Linked” to Boston Bombing

Posted on the 03 May 2015 by Calvinthedog


What makes anybody think that this Guardian travesty is remotely leftwing in any way? Look how they are treating the Russia question. They are just as insane as Fox News.

One more thing: have you noticed that all across the “free” West, 100% of the large newspapers, newsmagazines, and TV and radio news stations are on this wild anti-Russian propaganda jihad?

The lie here is implied. Russia is “linked” to the Boston Bombing. In other words, Russia did it! Russia blew up those poor people at that marathon! Of course I think the authors of the piece know that that is not true, but they are trying to put the idea in your head that Russia is linked to the bombing. Once that idea is in your head, many people will start thinking in one way or another that Russia did it. This is how propaganda works folks!

You may wonder how it is that Russia is “linked” to the bombing. Because the bombers came from Russia! And you know what that means, right? If the bombers came from Russia, then that means Russia did it! Of course that is totally insane, but most of the things that propaganda is trying to tell are lies, often crazy lies.

Another thing that they are trying to get at is “Russia is responsible for the Boston Bombing” in this way: The bombers had links to the Caucasus Islamist opposition in some way. This faction is mostly Al Qaeda at this point. Russia has indeed waged a vicious war against Chechnya that was morally wrong in many ways. The logic goes like this:

1. Russia waged a vicious war against the Chechens.

2. The war was so vicious that it radicalized many Chechens, making them anti-Russian at the same time as they became more Islamist.

3. The bombers were Chechens.

4. The bombers were radicalized, probably by Russia’s vicious war.

5. As part of this radicalization, the brothers drifted towards radical Islam.

6. This led them to global jihad and the subsequent marathon attack.

Conclusion: Russia is responsible for the Boston Bombings as blowback from the Chechen War. In other words, Russia did it.

There are serious problems with this analysis, one being that the US has been supporting the Chechens for many years, even far into the Islamist period. So the US and its Gulf allies have been supporting the Islamist, Al Qaeda Chechen rebels for some time now.

The US has created an incredible amount of blowback by its stupid, criminal, Nazi-like war on the Iraq people, by the US-backed support for Al Qaeda’s ruination of Syria, by removing Ghaddafi which led to a Libyan failed state that was quickly overrun with Islamists, including radical and global jihadists.


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