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  • Explore Mystical Japan

    I have always liked the Asian culture. It’s totally different from European culture. In Asia, they put a strong emphasis on values, rituals and tradition. I... Read more

    The 29 july 2013 by   Tlb
  • The Riccia and the Sfogliatina : a Tipical Desset in Napoli Now Also with...

    In those days I was in Naples for work. Every time I come to this city I’m fascinated by the people, the colors, the temperate weather. Read more

    The 26 july 2013 by   Xxlauraxx
  • I Love Midterms and Finals

    From Midterm week just finished. I have to say I really love midterms and finals. It's a bit of a break for me. I know that some teachers get these... Read more

    The 15 may 2013 by   Naturegirl321
  • Argentine and Their Famous Steak

    TweetArgentina is famous of their steak. It’s not a secret that they love meat and that they are good in preparing it. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian,... Read more

    The 18 july 2013 by   Expanishargentina
  • How to Survive in This Hot Summer in Italy.

    We complained that the summer had a climate a bit strange, what we call sol leone, had not yet arrived. Now it is arrived. The weather broadcasts announce some... Read more

    The 28 july 2013 by   Xxlauraxx
  • Basel Cathedral, Switzerland

    The two sandstone towers of the Basel Cathedral, can be spotted from quite a distance. Inside, it is just as beautiful… There were some fantastic sculptures... Read more

    The 27 may 2013 by   Michelle Jr
  • The Learning Pyramid

    From Similar to Bloom's Taxonomy, Dale's Cone and learning styles, the Learning Pyramid shows how different teaching methods can impact... Read more

    The 22 july 2013 by   Naturegirl321
  • Apostillisations and FBI Background Checks

    Apostillisations These are a type of legalisation that are recognised by a number of countries around the world. This agreement is called the Hague Agreement an... Read more

    The 31 may 2013 by   Naturegirl321
  • The Fashion Night and the Fashion Week: Let's Have a Party! September 2013

    The day lights are off. It is beginning one of the coolest nights in Milan: the fashion night. Dear all, we are in the Milan Fashion Week (from 18 to 24... Read more

    The 17 september 2013 by   Xxlauraxx
  • Capo Vaticano and Its Clear Sea.

    a view of capo vaticano When I saw for the first time Capo Vaticano in Calabria, I thought that the greatest artistic expression of the nature is the immense... Read more

    The 10 august 2013 by   Xxlauraxx