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Knit and Cozy

By Wickedying @wickedying

The past few weeks has been nothing but gloomy mornings and afternoon showers. Today, I woke up extra early to write a post for my very own blog. This is a post about ‘several failed attempts’. Good morning!



After several failed attempts… I managed to make a quick OOTD post here if you can call it that. Reading has become a more preferable activity for me nowadays. That being said, I seem to have forgotten how to write. There’s always the hesitation that I might not be making sense at all. To add, I find myself spending more time on my clients’ websites and it makes me feel a bit guilty. A new post after 3 months of static doesn’t sound so bad though, right? I’m trying.


After several failed attempts… I was tad successful in balancing my time between work and personal life. Everyone in the freelancing industry knows this struggle. Taking a break is necessary to avoid burnout. How to de-stress? I make time for friends, family, leisure, self-care, and adulting duties.


After several failed attempts… My friend (the person behind Photo Diaries) and I met up with business transactions and a quick shoot. We’ve been planning for about a month now. Everything was ready – pegs, outfit, she even took a leave for it only to be foiled by the weather. You may call it as another failure but there will always be time. We both live in the same city after all.



(And if I may include)

After several failed attempts… Our city has finally upped its cafe game and we are digging it! This set’s venue is at Fulcrum Coffee – proudly local. Check out the place and the rest of the photos HERE.

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