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Kipper : It Must Really Suck To Be The Baltimore Ravens Right Now

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
This has to be the most messed up person I know. Grew up here north of the burgh, all his family is still here, he's 50 years old lived through all the great 70's teams and what have you. Became a pilot, now lives in Balty with his wife and kids ( she's from balty ) and he is a season ticket holder of the Ravens and is now a full blown Ravens fan that talks crap on the Steelers like every other low life Ravens fan.
Yep, it's my wifes first cousin. I do use it against her when we argue but.........I'd rather that she came from a pure blood line.
She's a flight attendent, he's a pilot and they're spewing thei bird poop from coast to coast. I usually see them around the holidays and she runs her mouth like a typical Ravens fans.
Without a doubt, his best one yet...

Kipper : It Must Really Suck To Be The Baltimore Ravens Right Now
You can put all the purple you want on them, they're still the Browns.

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