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Kid-Friendly Restaurants Directory Comes to “Can Do” Street!

By Jean Campbell

Decal logo for Kid-Friendly restaurants

“Can Do” Street now has a directory of Kid-Friendly Restaurants listing those that have a menu that appeals to adults while providing kids with a menu and features that make eating out enjoyable for both.

The “Kid Friendly Restaurant” Program’s purpose is to help parents find places where both they and their children can enjoy a quality meal out in a dining-in restaurant, not a fast food establishment.

Being listed in the Directory is free as is the decal each restaurant receives to display in their window alerting potential customers that they are rated as kid-friendly.

The selection criteria to be listed in the Kid-Friendly Restaurant Directory includes:

1)   Be a restaurant/diner – not a fast food type establishment.

2)   Have a website

3)   Have a children’s menu or pricing policy

4)   Have children friendly accessories i.e., crayons, games, children’s area

The Kid-Friendly Restaurants Directory is part of a new feature  in the “Can Do” Street Mall…The Chefs Club.

In addition to the Directory, there is the opportunity for each of the chefs from restaurants listed in the directory to share their favorite kid-friendly recipe. Also featured are kid-friendly recipes from staff and visitors to “Can Do” Street.

If you want to nominate your favorite Kid-Friendly restaurant, go the “Restaurant Recommendation” section of the Chefs Club and fill out the recommendation form.

We welcome your recommendations and comments. If you have questions,

We hope that this directory will make dining out easier, not only in your home city or community but when you are on vacation.

So, check out the Kid-Friendly Restaurants Directory by going to the Chefs Club in the Mall. Each week there will be several new listings added from across the US, Canada and Europe.

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