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Keeping Passion Alive in Your Marriage

By Barbarajpeters

Shake the cobwebs from your head and take a wishful trip down memory lane. Remember when you first met the person who would become your spouse? What did it feel like?


Keeping passion alive in your marriageIf you answered an excited Yes! to any of these questions, you certainly know what passion is all about!

Okay, now fast forward ten years and two children later . . .

Can you answer the same questions today with a resounding, Yes, I sure can, thank you very much?

If so, stop reading, this blog isn’t for you. But, if you’re the one left scratching your head and asking “Passion, what passion?” read on.

It’s not over yet and the fat lady hasn’t sung! You and your spouse can revitalize your initial passion and get those fiery feelings back.

Try these simple, but powerful, tips for keeping passion alive in your marriage.

  • Try something different. See your spouse as someone other than the father or mother of your children, or designated Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Mr. Fix-It, or keeper or slave to the Honey-Do list. Look through a different lens, the rose-colored one you looked through ten years ago. Snap a picture of what you saw back then and bring it back. Your spouse hasn’t changed that much.
  • Ask your partner what turns them on. Romantic and sexual needs and wants change as the years roll on – be aware of your partner’s fantasies in the romance department. Don’t be afraid of experimentation either – it could rock your world!
  • On the other hand, tell your partner what turns you on. Remind your partner you are lovers, first and foremost.
  • Wives – when you go out with your husband, make it a point to wear something special and sexy; something he’s never seen before. Husbands – ditch the work shirts when you’re romancing your wife and maybe shuck your tighty-whities for a pair of sexy shorts. Try your best to look your best for each other.
  • Compliment your spouse and mean it! We all love to hear how great we are.

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