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Just When You Think You Know What Your Doing {Damn You Autism}

By Thibben
Just when you think you know what your doing {Damn you autism}  Last night, after bath time, while my wife was reading our nightly bed time books to the youngest two boys I heard something strange. A sound like POP! Then uncontrollable giggling for a second, then silence for a second... POP! giggle giggle giggle! When we peeked around the corner into Jayden's room he is laying in bed watching a balloon drift its way into the ceiling fan, get hit, then drift its way back in again. I think this is the equivalent to the kids who drop the toy & play with the box.
   I'm not sure what the deal is with him over fall break. The break in routine has thrown him off I guess. It really started shortly before fall break when, because of a school event or something like that, his class got to play during P.E. so when lunch recess came along the P.E. teacher made them run a mile in laps around the playground for exercise. His teacher said she happened to be on lunch duty & saw him dead last crawling. She helped him up & jogged with him the rest of the way, I'm sure enduring his out of breath explanations on why this was torture. The rest of the day I'm sure was shot & ever since he has been stimming but also he has been lethargic, even depressed acting at times. At his cousins birthday party he refused the offer of cake! This kids is autistic not dead! When a 9 year old refuses cake something is up! He didn't want to go to the zoo so we let him hang out with his cousin, who is his one & only real friend but when we picked him up he was just sitting on the couch. I said "hey buddy, whats up?" "Nothin'...board". I e-mailed his teacher last night to give her a heads up that today, the first day back from fall break, was probably going to be a rough one but I guess we will see. I'm just not sure what's up this time. It's so odd how after all this time you think you have a really good grasp on this stuff but then you get stumped. Almost like he is throwing you for a loop just to make sure you, you don't have all the answers! Damn you autism! haha
   P.S. Thanks so much to for dubbing this one of the Top 100 Special Needs Resources on the web! Pretty Awesome!
Just when you think you know what your doing {Damn you autism}

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