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Just Sharing: The Benefits of Cycling

By Thesilentpal @thesilentpal

Benefits of Cycling

7 Health Benefits of Cycling

1. Cycling is good for your heart: Cycling is associated with improved cardiovascular fitness, as well as a decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease.

2. Cycling is good for your muscles: Riding a bike is great for toning and building your muscles, especially in the lower half of the body – your calves, your thighs, and your rear end. It’s also a great low-impact mode of exercise for those with joint conditions or injuries to the legs or hips, which might keep them from being active.

3. Cycling is good for your waistline: You can burn a lot of calories while biking, especially when you cycle faster than a leisurely pace, and cycling has been associated with helping to keep weight gain down. And cycling has the added benefit of ramping up your metabolism, even after the ride is over.

4. Cycling is good for your lifespan: Bicycling is a great way to increase your longevity, as cycling regularly has been associated with increased ‘life-years’, even when adjusted for risks of injury through cycling.

5. Cycling is good for your coordination: Moving both feet around in circles while steering with both your hands and your body’s own weight is good practice for your coordination skills.

6. Cycling is good for your mental health: Riding a bike has been linked to improved mental health.

7. Cycling is good for your immune system: Cycling can strengthen your immune system, and could protect against certain kinds of cancers.

Source: Discovery Channel

Even with all of these health benefits to cycling, some of us may ride them just for fun. I know I do. Why do you ride a bike? Let us know in the comments below.

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By ad
posted on 18 September at 12:03
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well said...i used to cycle to work..havent done for a few years now and have definately seen a slope in my health...I defo need to get back on the bike! reading this stuff is motivating.