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Just Be Savvi About It

Posted on the 16 March 2011 by Caliburns @CaliBurns12
Just be Savvi about it
Savvi is an up and coming artist who is currently studying school at Full Sail University. I had the opportunity to see her perform once and I was in awe! I sat down and interviewed this multi-raced beauty and here is what she had to say!

Q: Where are you from and does your hometown have any influence on your musical style? A: I’m from Venezuela and I am Cuban, Venezuelan, and Arminian. I grew up in Miami so I was surrounded with multi-cultural music.

Q: What would you consider your style of music to be?A: RnB and Hip Hop

Q: What made you want to work in the music industry?A: Wanting to do what I love 24 hours of day. Being passionate about what you do. First time I heard Michael Jackson, I wanted to be like him. Hearing someone like him made me want to do this. 
Q: Where does the name Savvi come from?A: Comes from the common term savvy – to be really good or knowledgeable about something. A lot of artists now seem to have a lack of consciousness in music. I wanted to learn the craft as best as I could and be savvy at it. I just changed the ‘Y’ to an ‘I’ to make it more personal.  
Q: Who would you consider your inspirations in life and/or in the industry?A: In the industry – Michael, Janet, Sade. For MCs - Eve, Lauryn Hill, Black Thought – so smooth with his delivery. I admire those who are philanthropists and use their celebrity to influence others for good. Richard O'Barry is great because I think it’s great to dedicate your life to a cause. Would like to use my influence to give back one day like Alicia Keys.
Q: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?A: Michael Jackson. And I would say thank you for his contribution and letting me know it was ok to be me.
Q: Do you enjoy being in front of an audience or in the studio more?A: Both – They are different experiences. The studio is more personal where I can express what’s going on. When performing in front of an audience, you can see their expression/reactions.
Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the industry?A: I hope to become a successful writer and producer. I want to tour, have tons of albums around the world, and then eventually branch off and write for people.
Q: How can people find out more about you?A: I am not signed with anyone. I have a production company, Who Knew?. We do web design, production, marketing, etc. People can find out more about me at savvimusic.com.
Q: Anything else you want to share?A: I’m recording my first full-length album right now. It should be out this summer. All productions are by my company Who Knew? except one. That one is by Javier Soto who was just nominated for a Grammy. The sounds will be of Hip Hop, RnB, and a little Caribbean. I’ll also have one completely acoustic track (Hip Hop meets India Arie).

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