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June Love List

By Nadine
Wow, mid-June already? 20 things I'm loving right now:
  1. New students (and the existing ones too).
  2. Family Yoga in the backyard (enjoy the summer!).
  3. 7 day reads from the library.
  4. Yin Yoga. It's really helping me work out some of my hip and back issues.
  5. Hashbrown nachos - so good!
  6. Sandals (one thing I absolutely love about summer!).
  7. Wii sports (especially golf).
  8. Boxing (I love that I've refound my love for the heavy bag).
  9. Life with less TV (a few hours a week).
  10. That we almost have our wills done after years of saying we were going to do them.
  11. The fawns in our yard the other day (please come back!).
  12. My 5 K circuit around the neighbourhood (just walking right now, not running).
  13. The little bunny hip hopping around our yard somedays.
  14. Broccolli with my sweet/spicy/salty sauce.
  15. Sleeping in some days.
  16. My expenses going down, YAY!
  17. My hair as it gets a bit longer.
  18. Confirmation from the City on my Sept to Mar classes.
  19. Plans with the RDN to discuss teaching in Cedar in the fall.
  20. My cat sleeping with me last night.

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