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Jolly Elf in a Jam Jar Tutorial

By Alison_wood

Jolly Elf in a Jam Jar TutorialTo make this very seasonal jolly elf in a jam jar you will need:

  • a nice, sturdy pine cone
  • colored pipe cleaners
  • artificial snow or glitter
  • permanent markers
  • wooden bead or ball of dried white clay
  • clear jam jar with no markings
  • felt, needle & thread
  • hot glue & white glue
  • scissors

Step One The first step to creating this adorable elf is to assemble all the various parts you will need

  • Choose something for your elf’s head such as a light colored wooden bead or ball of dried, white clay. 
  • Cut a colored pipe cleaner in half. 
  • Cut another piece of pipe cleaner about an inch long which will be used for a beard. 
  • Cut out a half circle of felt, fold into a cone shape, and stitch along the seam to make a hat for your elf. 
  • Make sure the jam jar you will use is super clean and dry! 
  • Plug your hot glue gun in.

Jolly Elf in a Jam Jar TutorialStep Two:  Draw a cute face on your elf head with permanent markers and add a pipe cleaner beard with your glue gun.

Wrap your ‘pipe cleaner half’ around your pine cone for arms.

After adding some glue to the tips of your pine cone, sprinkle some artificial snow on. 


Jolly Elf in a Jam Jar TutorialStep Three: Cover the base of your jam jar with artificial snow and let dry a few minutes.

{Note the one pictured here is from a twist off Ball jar}. 




Jolly Elf in a Jam Jar TutorialStep Four: Hot glue the felt hat you’ve made to the elf head. Now hot glue the completed elf head with hat to your pine cone and let it rest a moment.

Finally, use hot glue to adhere the completed elf to the inside of the jam jar lid. You might have to prop something next to your elf while it’s drying to make sure it stands up nice and straight.  




Jolly Elf in a Jam Jar TutorialStep Five: Make a few of these cute guys for display in your home this Christmas! They look great on windowsills with lots of light.

I made mine this year for Christmas presents. Your arty and creative friends will love these! I guarantee it!

Ashley Lucas is an illustrator and crafty girl with her own business, called Lady Lucas, that offers adorable handmade goods and art to the public. Visit her online to see her whimsical artwork, cute characters, and free crafting ideas at If you have any questions you’d like to ask about her tutorials, she’d love to hear from you at

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