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Lick the Fridge
People don't have time to read. Me included. We find a moment to like a picture on Facebook, read a couple of Tweets, and scan some headlines on Huffington Post. If we have a lot of free time, we'll even leave a comment and quickly move on without waiting for a reply.
And if you think people don't have time to read, you know how difficult it is to find time to write. It takes a whole different set of priorities to really write. At some point, something comes up, and the first thing that goes away is the commitment to reading and writing. I can scroll down Facebook between loads of laundry, and I can write a 140 characters-or-less laundry-related update, but any more than that and I lose the auto-pilot I rely on for dear life.
Yet some people simply shift priorities. When they have a moment, they open a journal, and write for writing's sake.
Jared, who writes the Lick the Fridge blog, does just that, and his blog is the equivalent of a good restaurant with a "We Serve Slow Food" sign.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to find the time to make writing a priority like that, but reading Lick the Fridge makes me feel I should at least make reading a priority.
If you're in the mood for some quality reading time, Lick the Fridge is the blog for you. And if you can't find the time for that, well-- the world is spinning faster every day, and sometimes it seems to me like only slow reading can bring balance back.

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