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Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

By Zoebakeforhappykids @bake4happykids
We are surprised that steaming can yield such moist and fluffy cakes!
After enjoying these, I'm thinking to change my blog name to Steam for Happy Kids! - LOL!
This basic mushi-pan 蒸しパン (Japanese steamed cake) originates from Nami (Just One Cookbook). I have made our mushi-pan like what Nami did with 1) corn and cheese and 2) cocoa and chocolate. Both are very moist, fluffy and yummy! These steamed cakes are extremely easy to make and doesn't require any fanciful and cooking tool to steam and even my 5-year old boy can make these. Interestingly, Nami steamed hers using a frying pan but I have made mine using an electric steamer and steam them directly using heat-resistant cupcake cups instead of ramekins. For extra fluffiness, I have used cake flour and double-action baking powder and this combination worked beautifully for me.
Thanks Nami! This recipe is simply fantastic!

Before proceeding to the recipe, I like to thank everyone for your participation in Cook Like a Star (All Stars Anniversary) and Little Thumb Up (Orange) events. We have a total of 130 entries linking at Cook Like a Star (All Stars Anniversary) and 172 entries linking at Little Thumb Up (Orange). These events won't be successful without Joyce from Kitchen Flavours, Mich from Piece of Cake, Ann from Anncoo Journal and Doreen from my little favorite DIYLadies, you are smashing! Love cooking, baking, blogging, hosting these events with you! Love you! Love you, ladies!!!

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Japanese chocolate corn steamed cake mushi pan

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

Today, I'm steaming 2 kinds of mushi-pan: Corn and cheese...

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

... and chocolate!

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

I'm using double acting baking powder for extra fluffiness!

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

Mixing the batter is super easy and my son was doing most of the work...

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

These corn and cheese batter are ready for steaming....

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

Wait! We have to mix the chocolate ones...

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

Within the next 5 mins, the chocolate ones are ready for steaming too...

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

steam steam steam....

Japanese corn steamed cake mushi pan

Look what we got here... Pretty mushi-pan!

Japanese chocolate steamed cake mushi pan

... and extra chocolate-y ones!

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

I'm totally convinced that these cakes are good!

Japanese chocolate steamed cake mushi pan

Fluffy and moist too!

Here's my version of mushi-pan  蒸しパン, mostly adapted from Just One Cookbook

Basic mushi-pan 蒸しパン

Makes 4-5 small cakes, 5 cm diameter x 3 cm height

75g cake flour, preferably 7-9% protein

1 tsp baking powder, preferably double-acting
1 egg, 60g
2 tbsp milk
25g sugar
1 tbsp vegetable oil (I used rice bran oil)
Corn and cheese mushi-pan コーンチーズ蒸しパン

Makes 6 small cakes, 5 cm diameter x 3 cm height

75g cake flour, preferably 7-9% protein

1 tsp baking powder, preferably double-acting
1 egg, 60g
2 tbsp milk
25g sugar
1 tbsp vegetable oil (I used rice bran oil)
1/2 cup corn kernels
1/2 cup cheese, roughly crumbled or shredded (I used Parmesan for extra flavours)

Note: The original recipe adds only 1/4 cup corn and 1/4 cup cheese but we prefer our mushi-pan fully loaded with corn and cheese for extra flavours. Steaming can make Parmesan cheese slightly chewy and we are loving these cakes exactly the way we made these. If you are not a fan of chewy cheese, you may use cheese in finer texture to avoid any chewiness.

Double chocolate mushi-pan ダブルチョコレート蒸しパン

75g cake flour, preferably 7-9% protein
15g unsweetened cocoa powder, preferably Dutch process (I used Valrhona)1 tsp baking powder, preferably double-acting

1 egg, 60g
3 tbsp milk
25g sugar
2 tbsp vegetable oil (I used rice bran oil)
30g chocolate, roughly chopped (I used Callebaut dark chocolate with 55% cocoa)
First, set water to boil in a steamer. If you are using a frying pan to steam these cakes like Nami, you will need to steam your cakes in ramekins lined with cupcake liners. To prepare, pour water into a large frying pan to half the level of the ramekins that you are using. Cover the frying pan lid with kitchen towel. This will prevent the condensation from falling onto the steamed cakes. Cover the pan with the lid and bring water to boil. If you are using an electric steamer like me, all you have to do is to pour water in the steamer and switch on the power. Easy! LOL!

Put a cupcake liner in ramekins.

In a bowl, whisk egg, milk, sugar, and oil until combined. Sift in flour and baking powder (and cocoa powder for Chocolate mushi-pan).

Mix batter until smooth. Add additional ingredients (corn and cheese, or chocolate) and mix until combined.

Pour the mixture into the heat-resistant cupcake cups or lined ramekins and place them in the steamer. Steam them for 8 mins if you are using the frying-pan steaming method or 10-15 mins if you are using an electric steamer as the cakes in the upper rack will require 15 mins to cook or until a skewer insert comes out clean.

Turn off the heat. Remove the cakes from the steamer or ramekins and allow them cool in room temperature. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Happy Steaming

This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs up organised by Doreen from my little favorite DIY and me, Bake for Happy Kids, hosted by Tze from Awayofmind Bakery House at this post.

Japanese Steamed Cake (Mushi-pan) 蒸しパン

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What after May 2014? Jozelyn from Spice Up My Kitchen will be the next hostess of June 2014 and her theme is BUTTER!

Hope that you will enjoy cooking and baking with us! Thumbs up, everyone!

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