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Jane McGarry is "Starting Over" at WFAA

By Ohsocynthia @OhSoCynthia

  Off the air since May of last year, former NBC5 anchor Jane McGarry is starting over - literally - on WFAA's Good Morning Texas with a five-part series called "Starting Over with Jane McGarry". It's scheduled to launch on Thursday, Jan. 24th and continue for the next four Thursdays.
WFAA said McGarry's weekly stories "will focus on a variety of subjects, all involving local people who have experienced significant change in their lives, often due to unforeseen circumstances.
"I think it's a terrific project that truly will help a lot of people," said McGarry. "And the people I've been working with at Good Morning Texas have been great. I'm excited to be back hopefully serving the community of viewers that I have known for more than two decades."
In that sense it will be a personal "Starting Over" for McGarry, who had been a key player at NBC5 since 1982 until being arrested last May for allegedly driving while intoxicated. She eventually pleaded no contest to a Class B misdemeanor charge and on July 10th both resigned from NBC5 and apologized on her still heavily trafficked Facebook page for "my irresponsible behavior."  Interestingly, Channel 8 is the station that broke the news about McGarry's DWI arrest last May.

McGarry agreed it was "like riding a bike" to get back in front of a television camera. Her segments are being shot and produced by WFAA staffers. "The thing I've always liked most about TV is I like learning about people," McGarry said. "And this is going to give me a new opportunity to do that. I'm not just saying that. I think there's huge potential here. There's a chance to do some really fun, interesting and helpful work." McGarry also acknowledged, "Those of us in the media, we love it. We just love it."
You can check out Jane McGarry's first "Starting Over" segment on GMT this Thursday, January 24th on WFAA's Good Morning Texas.  This is just one of many projects McGarry has in the works. To keep up with her, connect on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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