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Jam Filled Scones

By Crustabakes

These scones have been pre-filled with jam,

Jam Filled Scones

Just so you don’t have to.

I was reading Amber’s suggestion in my comment box on posting a scone recipe to get into the English mood, for the upcoming Royal Wedding. Because, what can be more English than scones right? But my impression of scones was that they were chunks of dry, tasteless pastries.

I did however, have this recipe bookmarked for the longest time.  A scone filled and baked with jam as filling. That would definitely jazz up these pastries. So what better time to make these than now right?

Jam Filled Scones

Besides the wonderful jam filling, these scones were also winners as it calls for pre-toasting the flour and the oats before they were sent to bake.

If you haven’t already tried it, you should really try tossing your oats in a saucepan and heat it over medium heat. The fragrance and the flavour the heat brought out from the oats was just so incredible!

I held my head over the saucepan and felt as if i just walked up to a popcorn stand in a movie theatre. I know oats and corns probably came from different plants. But the aromatic nutty smell from them was uncannily identical!

Jam Filled Scones

Needless to say, my scones were extra flavourful today. Of course, if you still doubting these scones to dry and flavourless, you can always pile on the whipped cream. Amber suggested using clotted cream, but i have no inkling on how to go about making them, and settled with the regular one (Sorry Amber!).

Or maybe some butter?

Jam Filled Scones

The possibilities are endless!

So with these scones, i wish Will and Kate a happy wedded bliss. And to Amber too, for making such a wonderful suggestion!

Jam Filled Scones

Recipe taken from Sugar Plum,

Click HERE for recipe.

Jam Filled Scones

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