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It's Oh So Quiet

By Alternativeeden @markngaz
It's oh so quiet, it's oh so still, it's oh so peaceful until...

It's Oh So Quiet

Snowcone anyone?

As I found myself painting this trellis indoors recently (it's the way to go with the weather still too cold and wet to paint outdoors, plus it's only small) I also got to thinking how horticulturally quiet January has been. For us anyway, and more likely for a majority of gardeners in our region and anywhere else with a similar climate. Not really a surprise, it is winter after all and most plants are in dormancy and generally it has been too cold outside to spend lots of time in the garden.

It's Oh So Quiet

Just the trellis, not the entire fence panel....

Our post rate last month has been more frequent than usual, certainly more when compared to January of last year. We have been using this quiet month to catch up with several blog posts that we never got the chance to write during the warmer months, plus we had more time to spend indoors and actually write them. But generally, garden wise and plant wise it has been quiet for us. 

It's Oh So Quiet

Ohh what's happening here?? The clues are beyond the bowl of stones...

Not to say we haven't been busy in the garden, we carried on doing what we can do as long as the weather was ok enough to get stuck in, with the biggest exception being the weekend we had heavy snow fall. And when the thaw came we carried on as normal. Best to do as much as we can so that when better weather arrives we don't get overwhelmed with too long a list of things to do. Yet somehow, despite being busy it still felt so quiet, so peaceful, almost therapeutic.

It's Oh So Quiet

Reminds me of a river bank, or a gravelly beach

Quiet moments are appreciated, even enjoyable in a serene sort of way. Quiet moments are needed, periods of mental rest that make you even more appreciative of manic moments when spring and summer finally arrives, when plants wake up and more blooms appear. When horticultural interests naturally rise again. Without quiet moments, you risk burning out, losing ones 'mojo' as some would say.

It's Oh So Quiet

Tempting to dip your feet in, until you realize it's only 4C outside...

But January is now over and February can be quiet too, but not for us this year. February the ball starts rolling again and it won't be oh so quiet like how it was last month. Which makes me look back at January with fondness. I'm glad of quiet moments, it makes the anticipation of the coming months even sweeter... Mark :-)

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