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It's Been Far Too Long

By Adeliaharris @dilly_doodle
I have to apologize for my lack of writing recently. I could give you the usual garb of "oh I was ill", "I've been working late trying to keep up with my never ending tasks coming in at the speed of bullets"  or "work is working me like a cart horse at the moment". But I won't. I shall spare you all of that and I will instead share with you the beautiful delights I had over in Kingsland Road at a Vietnamese restaurant called Loong Kee Cafe (did you like what I did there with the title!? Clever huh...) 
It's been far too long
It's been far too longI was taken there as a bit of a treat, an extended birthday celebration you could say (I was indeed spoilt this year) and oh what a treat it was! I have experienced most of the Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road and this particular one seems to be most consistent in terms of service and delicious food.
The summer rolls were light and crunchy and came with a peanutty soya sauce. I then had battered aubergine enfused with chillies and a crispy onion salad on the side with some steamed rice. Loong Kee like most of the places around there are BYOB which always helps too!
Definitely check it out if you are in the mood for something spicy!

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