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Is There a Better Version of You Out There Somewhere?

By Shrinkingthecamel

Is There a Better Version of You Out There Somewhere?My wife and I were enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon last weekend when the conversation turned to alternate universes.

Other than watching an occasional episode of Fringe , this is generally not an everyday point of discussion. However, I had just finished reading a review of physicist Brian Greene’s new book, “The Hidden Reality,” which points to the mind-boggling prospect of multiple universes as a bona-fide scientific reality.

“Listen to this,” I said, reading from the New York Times book review. “It says that ‘infinite variations of ourselves, our lives and our solar system are within the theorist’s realm of possibility.’”

I drifted off for a moment, contemplating the endless number of directions my current life could have taken; all the potential outcomes of the choices I may or may not have made over the years, each now playing themselves out in a myriad of alternate worlds without my permission. What if I had better managed my insecurities and fears? What if I had followed the advice of that high school teacher? What if I had taken that internship in Montreal?

“I’m sure there is a much better version of me in some other universe,” I sighed, taking a rather too-generous swig from my glass of Chardonnay. 

I imagined him – the other, better me - with brilliant white teeth, chatting it up at a fund raiser in an art museum in Switzerland following his keynote address at the Davos World Economic Forum. He laughs breezily with the well-heeled crowd of elite leaders, each one desperate to speak with him about his latest best-selling book. “Please, please!” he says with a good-natured grin, holding out his hands. “One at a time!”

“Oh, stop it.” My wife abruptly interrupts. “How do you know that this universe, right here, is not the best version of you?”

To read further in this intriguing story, click here to reappear over at The High Calling.

Image by Robep, used with permission.

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