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Iron Dome Interceptor Successfully Launched

Posted on the 28 November 2012 by Lucky

Iron Dome Interceptor Successfully Launched


Iron Dome Interceptor Successfully Launched

How the Iron Dome Interceptor searches and destroys

The Iranian-made Fajr-5 surface-to-surface missile is calibrated at 333mm and is armed with a 386-pound high explosive warhead.  It is supersonic, fin-stabilized and unguided while in flight towards it’s ground target and possesses a maximum effective range of fifty miles.  A limited number of Fajr-5 missiles were launched, along with hundreds of artillery rockets by hostile insurgents towards Israeli cities during the Eight Day War ( Second Israel-Hamas War) in November 2012.  More than 400 of these incoming artillery rockets were reportedly intercepted and destroyed, while in flight, through the combat use of the Iron Dome System.  At least two Fajr-5 surface-to-surface missiles were also intercepted and destroyed, while in flight, during the rather unique conflict.  However, at least one Fajr-5 missile managed to complete it’s combat trajectory and slam into an Israeli apartment building, clearly a civilian target.  Israeli military forces responded to these rocket barrages with air strikes, artillery bombardments and naval bombardments against Hamas ground targets.  Several Israeli citizens were killed, as a direct result of this hostile action by a terrorist army, along with possibly hundreds of local indigenous animals.   After eight days the War ended with a cease fire and Victory being declared by both sides.  (Article by Freelance Writer B.E. Shibley)


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