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Ireland for Dummies - Lessons #1 to 10

By Quickroute @quickroute
Ireland for Dummies - lesson #1: 'Culchies' are people from the rural areas aka NOT Dublin whereas 'Jackeens' are from the 'Big Smoke' aka Dublin. They tend not to like each other unless Ireland are playing England in any sport at which point they form an alliance which typically lasts until last orders in the pub.

PaddyinBAIrish for Dummies - Lesson #2: Drink Beer {repeat as necessary}
PaddyinBAIrish for Dummies - Lesson #3: Not all Irish people have red hair. We blame Vikings for that.
PaddyinBAIrish for Dummies - Lesson #4: It's a long way to Tipperary unless you happen to live in Tipperary in which case it's a long way from anywhere
PaddyinBAIreland for Dummies - lesson #5: If offered a cup of tea, it's pointless to refuse but beware as tea is a gateway refreshment which leads to biscuits and sandwiches and cake. You have been warned.
PaddyinBAIreland for Dummies - lesson #6: Vitamin 'G' = Guinness = Good for you..
PaddyinBAIreland for Dummies - lesson #7: When you give someone directions in Ireland you MUST include at least one pub e.g. To reach the Post Office - "Go to the end of the street and take a left at Kitty O'Shea's then go past the Blarney Stone and you'll see the Post Office opposite the Stags Head.
PaddyinBAIreland for Dummies - lesson #8: Saint Patrick was an impostor. The patron saint of Ireland is actually Father Ted
PaddyinBAIreland for Dummies - lesson #9: Do not take offense when Irish people use words like 'feck' and 'shite'. We often use these as terms of endearment.
PaddyinBAIreland for Dummies - Lesson #10: Don't be too excited when your Irish friend invites you for a 7 course meal. It's just a 6 pack of beer + a pack of crisps (potato chips)
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