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Invitation Idea- Intro Video

By Sapphiresandsaffron
So I have a question for all the brides getting married in India, or another country BUT having the reception in your native country- What type of invitations do you send? How do you invite people to the reception?
Okay I lied, I didn't really have a question for you, but more of an answer or you could call it a nice solution. Take a look at this very entertaining video BY The Shaadi Story. It's such a cute way to invite your guests, while showing them the personality of your significant other. Also, just imagine what a great conversation starter its going to be for your guests. I mean I can just imagine an uncle asking "So that one big humongous bar with mango lassi's- will the lassi's have vodka beta?" By the way just an FYI, Mango Lassi Vodka's are my favorite!

Pratik and Namrata Intro Video from The Shaadi Story on Vimeo.
I actually found this video on Maharani Weddings, and It's actually the favorite video of the month and I can totally tell why. What a great video and even better couple!

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