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Innocent Isn't For Over 30

By Thefriskyvirgin
Recently, while watching one of those quasi-corny, yet strangely addicting Syfy super-storm-destroys-the-world movies, I thought I recognized one of the actresses from an old show I used to watch when I was younger. Over to IMDb I surfed, only to find that she wasn't the same actress. However, I discovered something much more interesting.
The actress is set to star in an upcoming film called, Scents and Sensibility. There is very little information on the film, but it seems to be a twist on the Jane Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility.  While glancing over the page, I spotted the following on a message board: "Actresses are too old."
Upon clicking the message, I was astonished to read a slight rant on casting actresses born in '78 and '80 to portray Jane Austen's young, virginal heroines. Simply put, if you are a woman over 30, you cannot possibly pass as a virgin, much less a young one. I believe the individual used the word "ridiculous" to describe such casting.  
As far as playing a youthful character, well, many women (and men) 30+ can pass for much younger.
Certainly, he/she is entitled to feel the way they do. There is no denying that an over 30 virgin in today's society is a scarce finding. Still, I tend believe that innocence isn't defined by virgins, nor is it reserved for the under 30 crowd.  While virgins, like lambs or angels, are symbols of innocence, it's an individual's heart and soul that define it.
Maybe he/she has never met one of those "ridiculous," scarce oddities..., yeah, hiya!  How ya doin'? Ridiculous scarce oddity here, dang glad to meet ya!

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