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Ingeo Smartphone Dock Makes Your Android Phone a TV Gaming Console

Posted on the 16 October 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera


Forget Ouya.. Forget Mad Catz MOJO.. This is the only gadget you need to transform your smartphone into a cool Android gaming console.

Ingeo is a smartphone dock that instantly connects your Android phone to your TV, allowing you to play all your Android games on the big screen. It comes with a neat game controller that works with all kinds of racing, rpg, simulators and FPS games. You won’t even need an Android console, ever again.

The Ingeo dock has been brilliantly designed to fit with all kinds of smartphone sizes and micro USB layouts. You get to connect the device to the TV screen via the HDMI port on the dock. And don’t worry about draining your phone’s battery while gaming because this dock works as a charger as well.


Yes, the controller also  has a cool dock to place a phone directly on it and play games like on a mobile console. Actually the design looks a little bit rough, but the Ingeo team is currently working on it and plans to fine tune the system for the best gaming experience.

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Ingeo is still in the works and developers are now asking for your help to make it through the production via an Indiegogo campaign. By making a donation of $49 or more, you could grab one of these for yourself before everyone else.

Check out the video for more info.

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