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In Response to Comments (May 2011)

By Ballerinablogger
I decided to do the response for all of your wonderful comments in a post once more. Look for yours below as every comment will have a reply :)
Juliette on 5/19/11: Hi Ballerinablogger!Omg i am soooo glad you are back! I got worried there for a second :) Thanks so much for doing this post for me! It was incredibly helpful ( as always )! Ok i'm off to post a comment on your other new posts now :() Have a lovely day!!!!
Haha thank you Juliette! I'm so glad that I could help :) Keep the comments coming, I love it!
Julie on 5/19/11: Love love love this post!!! so helpful! I'm only 12 but I can't wait to partner when I get older!! Hahaha like the get to know them but you don't have to date them part!!! :) Do you date one of the boys that you dance with?? I just read a post on a blog called 'tights and tiaras' about how most dancers date other dancers... sorry that was REALLY long!! Have a fab day!!
Thanks Julie! I'm so glad that I could help :)
Well, I haven't dated any of partners before but I've definitely had crushes/gotten slightly involved. Personally I wouldn't recommend it at a young age as this but when you're an adult it is, in fact,
Julie on 5/19/11: Thanks so much for this!! My show is coming up too!! I am soo nervous!! What dances are you doing for yours?? What music?? My class is doing two contemporary-ish kind of dances to the songs 'bent out of shape' and 'stop drop and roll' by a band called 'the squirrel nut zippers'!! hahaha weird i know....
For my recital I'm doing a jazz number in pointe shoes, a ballet dance that's actually an excerpt from the ballet "Tarantella" and for tap I'm doing a broadway styled dance to the song "Dig a Little Deeper" from "The Princess and the Frog". Those sound really cool! I wish you luck :)
Juliette on 5/19/11: Hi Ballerinablogger! Me again :) Thanks for this awesome post! the only other thing i would add to your list that is absolutely needed for my recitals are safety pins..... i use them for everything! But other than that love your list, so helpful ( that's all i ever say but it is really true! ) Hope your having a great day!
Very true, Juliette. I can't believe I forgot those ;) Thanks so much and I hope you too have a great day! Break a leg in your recital! :)
Julie 5/19/11: OMG you must of had sooo much fun!!! Did you love New York??? What an amazin experience!Thanks for the response.... that would be so awesome!!! What a great idea! I can't wait thanks so much!!
Thanks Julie! I had SO much fun and I'll put together a special article to tell everyone all about it :)
Anonymous on 5/19/11: Hey! I have a problem... wondering if you could help me? so like my costume for my recital is a blue lyrical dress and it is like really tight. so i just tried it on after class and it is like super see through and thin so you can kinda see everything and my chest is like spilling out of the top and it was so embarrassing!... so i really don't know what to do! Help my show is like really soon!
Ooh, don't worry hun, we've all been there. It's no fun to dance in a costume you feel self conscious in, trust me, I know. First I would suggest buying a nude-colored leotard to wear under the costume. You can find some reasonably priced ones at If it's possible you could also find a leotard that matches the shape/color of the costume and wear it underneath. That's what I do for the majority of my recital costumes. I'm a 32 C bust size and NO costumes fit me! Don't worry, hun, you're not alone! Good luck! :D
Thanks so much for commenting, lovelies! Keep it up and I hope you're enjoying my posts!
Ballerinablogger ~

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