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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

By Seamssewcreative
This was one of my favorite books as a child, and I believe that it has become a recurring theme in my life. The story begins with a boy offering a mouse a cookie, and ends in him needing a glass of milk, a plate, a napkin, a comfy place to sit and eventually a nap! In short, what seems like a little thing turns into a massive undertaking.
What started out as a simple tidy ended up in a massive overhaul and re-organization of my entire office and closet. Needless to say, I have been completely sidetracked and consumed by this endeavor for the last week or so...
Here is the end result of a lot of work...
If you give a mouse a cookie...
A new home for my sewing machines, tons of space and room for my future design wall...
If you give a mouse a cookie...
My plan is to center the design wall in the middle of the wall, and have another set of cubes on the right hand side for more thread storage...
This has allowed me to get my sewing machines off my desk, and finally reclaim a little space for paperwork...
If you give a mouse a cookie...
And finally, fabric storage:
If you give a mouse a cookie...
If you give a mouse a cookie...
While using the comic book boards to store polar fleece was not an option, I think it worked pretty well for everything else, especially my cotton prints. It really lets you see your entire fabric collection easily, and shows you how much you have of each fabric.
It beats digging around in a chest or drawer any day!
This weekend I hope to finish my shelving and design wall :) The one down side to all of this organization, is that it puts me in a mental block when it comes to making anything. I can't work until my space is all put back together again...
Happy sewing!

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