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I Was Supposed to Write Today…

By Writerinterrupted

How many times have you made that statement? I was supposed to write, or I’m going to write. Then you never do.

Sure, you use the same excuses I do. Life is too busy. There’s not enough time in a day. Yada, yada, yada.

I’ve been there. I’m still there. But I realized the real reason I’m not writing from something fellow writing procrastintor Mick Silva wrote.

We don’t write because of fear. Everyone’s fear maybe different. But the bottom line is fear keeps us from writing.

Deep down I think we KNOW that! But why don’t we face it?

Years ago I learned an acronymn for fear that should help me over come whatever it is I’m afraid of.


Basically, fear is a lie! A lie you believe that keeps you from writing.

Susan May Warren teaches that every hero or heroine believes a lie that keeps them from reaching their story goal. It takes a journey for them to discover the lie, plunge them into their black moment where they face that lie/fear, and ultimately over come that lie to get their happy ending.

Are you ready to start that journey to discovering YOUR LIE?

Are you ready to figure out what you FEAR?

Are you ready to end the cycle of excuse?

Are you ready for your happy ending?

Are you? 

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