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I’ve Discovered a Hidden Gem by SoFlaJo Nails (insert Heart Here)

By Beautyinfozone @beautyinfozone

I’ve discovered a Hidden Gem by SoFlaJo nails (insert heart here)I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m cr-cr-crazy about nail polish. It’s become an obsession for me and when I can feed the obsession for $5 a bottle and get gorgeous colors with an outstanding formula then it’s even more exciting.

I’ve discovered a Hidden Gem by SoFlaJo nails (insert heart here)

SoFlaJo Hidden Gem mini

I was lucky enough to “meet” the indie nail polish creator of SoFlaJo. She sent me Hidden Gem in the mini size to try and that set me off on a spree. As I mentioned the other day right now there is free shipping for this holiday weekend. I just ordered 1 full size polish and 5 more minis. Since I hate paying shipping I am thrilled to use that money towards more polish!!

I’ve discovered a Hidden Gem by SoFlaJo nails (insert heart here)Jody, the creator of SoFlaJo, sells on her own website which is where the sale is. She also has an Etsy shop if that’s your preference but free shipping isn’t offered there. No matter where you buy SoFlaJo polishes though, you are in for a treat. While I just have Hidden Gem from the Party Time collection to show you today, expect to see at least 6 more manicures in the future.


I’ve discovered a Hidden Gem by SoFlaJo nails (insert heart here)

SoFlaJo Hidden Jem

Hidden Gem is a mysterious polish. It looks a tad murky at first and then you look at it in the light and you see the true beauty of it – it twinkles. Here’s what she says about this shade: Hidden Gem is a steely blue teal polish with flashes of green and blue flecks and rainbows of scattered holo.

I’ve got nothing but raves for Hidden Gem and every stylist and nail tech at the beauty salon I go to also had nothing but raves for it. Everyone there the day I had my nails done commented on it. They’d be across the salon and tell me they saw a color that is totally different than the color they saw when they were near me.

Hidden Gem really is hidden. The light you are in makes all the difference. At first glance I see gray. I look a little deeper and I see beautiful shimmer in rainbow shades but mostly blues. Once applied the magic begins. This is what I saw at first –

I’ve discovered a Hidden Gem by SoFlaJo nails (insert heart here)

Hidden Gems in bright light

I moved into the ambient light of the beauty salon and this is what I saw -

I’ve discovered a Hidden Gem by SoFlaJo nails (insert heart here)

Hidden Gems in ambient light

Yep, same polish, same day. You can tell by the way my new nail tech scraped my finger (unfortunately) and dried out my cuticles in the process. As I’m sitting at my computer I’m seeing a ton of subtle holo sparkle in a gray base.

I highly recommend that you follow SoFlaJo on Facebook since that’s how we’ll find out about all the new pretties that Jody has conjured up! When I was on Twitter one evening, I noticed that Jody tweeted about a blog with her polishes. I don’t know the owner but she has amazing nails and photography skills. Check out Pointless Cafe’s post about the Party Time polishes.

I love seeing a party going on on my nails and I’m thrilled with SoFlaJo’s rendition of party time. Join me in a little spree! You’ll be cr-cr-crazy about this too. — Marcia

Don’t forget to order on November 25-26 for free shipping with a $20 order!!

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