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I’m Late for GBBD!

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

I’m late for GBBD!

I haven’t done a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post  for months.  I seem to forget and by the time I notice others the date has passed.  But I’m only one day late this time so hopefully Carol at May Dreams who hosts this meme will forgive me!

I’m late for GBBD!
Like many other gardens in the UK mine took a real hammering over winter and I have been waiting to see what has survived and what hasn’t.  I have a large prostate Rosemary which grows over the wall on the edge of the patio and it got covered in snow, which I did brush off, but it hasn’t been looking very happy.  I have had to prune off lots of dead stems but it has started to flower now (top pic) and is covered in bees.  I was also thrilled to discover the Trillium above in flower.  I bought it last year at the Malvern Spring show and then forgot about it so it was a wonderful surprise to find it yesterday.

I’m late for GBBD!

Primulas and Tulips are the predominant flowers in my garden at the moment.  I wrote about the tulips in my last post and here are some of my Primulas.  The Drumstick Primulas (above) don’t seem as big as last year and I wonder if this is due to the dryness

I’m late for GBBD!

I’m late for GBBD!

I’m late for GBBD!

Luckily the birds don’t seem to be as keen on pulling the flowers off these as they do the native Primroses which are now just leaves and flower stalks!  My bluebells are starting to come out and I have a small clump of whitebells which are doing really well but don’t seem to want to spread.

I’m late for GBBD!
I’m late for GBBD!
My Lily of the Valley is just opening.  I have noticed that it seems to be appearing everywhere in the garden, it is certainly making itself at home but hopefully when it is all open there will be a lovely scent filling the garden.

I’m late for GBBD!
Finally a couple of shrubs in flower. A Choisya and a Viburnum – I could find the label and tell you which Virburnum but I am already a day late with this post so I won’t unless you really really want me to.

I’m late for GBBD!

I’m late for GBBD!
And yes the observant of you will have noticed that there are quite a few white flowers in there which definitely seems to be a recurring theme in my garden!!

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