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I Love My Mornings ...

By Livingnotes @livingnotesnyc
I love my mornings ... 
I love my mornings. 
Time always seems to rush much faster then I want it to allow. It seems that just tomorrow there will be enough hours to get the projects done, the laundry caught up,  floors re-polished, and so on. And then , the next day's evening rolls around, but there are just as much, if not more, things that need attention. 
Time wasn't kind to me while I was learning, that no matter how many hours I have, every minute of those can be devoted to work, career, chores - anything really, and there will never be enough daylight ( or nighttime) to coordinate with Life's needs. Unless Life is put first. By Life I mean that, which truly matters. 
I said it many times before and will again : I wish I had a time turner. 
I would care less if my mirror kitchen tiles were mirror-like.  I wouldn't worry whose schedule I mess up by arranging mine.  I would cut down on working hours ... I would change so many things... I wish I could. 
My laundry pile now is ... everlasting. But my mornings are great. 
We send the "learning crew" off to study and then we wonder. We always have some books on hand ( see that backpack? it doesn't leave home without a friend and a book or two. and the backpack MUST come. you know - how can it not when a brother and a sister have one?!) , some food and some imagination. 
The weather has been kind , and we would often take the trail into the canyon and smell delicious air, pick the acorns and gather some leaves. Have you ever been to a forest after the rain? It's magical. The smell. The droplets of rain on the leaves. The spiderwebs ( although i'm not a fan of hosts themselves) 
I cherish this time. I learned so much about my little girl, that gets lots among the energies that surround her - the older two and youngest one. She is so kind. So curious. And her imagination blows me away. To say that I am honored to be by and humbled by her is to say nothing at all.  
Whether it is age that makes me - hopefully - wiser, time or experience, I do not know.But I will take it whichever way it comes.
The fascination with the "crystals".  Do you want to know how many rocks are currently stored in my kitchen drawer? more then I can count at a glance. This one was magical. It now lives with us as well. 
I love my mornings ...
I love my mornings ...
I love my mornings ...
I love my mornings ...   I love my mornings ...
I love my mornings ... Acorns are another "must".  Have you made acorn people with them when you were little? I have!We've created a whole little village of 6 families from some clay, acorns and leaves. 
I love my mornings ...
I love my mornings ...
I love my mornings ...
I love my mornings ... Her favorite storage place. I love finding all sorts of things at night - from rocks to pine cones - tightly packed in the outside pocket. 
I love my mornings ...  And , yes, I'm a big fan of those polka dot bloomer-style shorts. oh, to be three again...
I love my mornings ... 
I love my mornings ...

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