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I Don't Want To SeeYa Again

By Barefootdaves
I Don't Want To SeeYa AgainA couple of months ago I dropped by at a major retail store in Singapore. I just couldn't resist checking out Vibram's SeeYa. I was trembling like a kid when I saw an actual pair. It was shining oh so brightly that I had to bring my hands up and cover my eyes. No kidding!
I Don't Want To SeeYa Again
It is just too bad that the distributor doesn't have any immediate plans on bringing one here. I am guessing that the Komodo Sport (now called KMD Sport) is doing well in the market and they don't want to disrupt the buying pattern of the consumers. And even if they intend to bring SeeYa over, I am no longer interested. What I want is Vibram's latest offering. EL-X (SRP: $75)
I Don't Want To SeeYa Again
This pair now carries the title of being the "lightest" VFF available. EL-X is only 4.23 oz compared to SeeYa which tips the scale at 4.8 oz. Half an ounce may not be a big deal but for something that is light, it is already a feat. SeeYa LS went above the 5 oz category. That's KSO and Speed territory.
I Don't Want To SeeYa Again
Well it is not the lightest in the market but it will do. Though I wished it went the sub-4 oz realm. Perhaps the engineering department hasn't figured out how to shed a few more on their patented soles. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will eventually pull it off. They've done it in the past with MOC (2.5 oz) so a lighter EL-X is very plausible
I know that 2013 is gonna be another exciting year for barefoot/minimalist runners. Especially now that we see a trend in trail shoes adopting the "less is more" philosophy we've witnessed with road shoes. NB Minimus Trail and Inov8 X-Talon are just some of my favorites. With that, I raise my glass of champagne and offer a toast for more barefoot shoes

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