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I Am Not a Crafty Mama

By Babyjandbean
Bean recently acquired a new habit. Well, he's been able to do it for a while. But lately, I have not been able to keep a diaper on him for anything. He has gotten so good that he can even unlatch his diaper through clothes and he has made more than a few messes.
Unfortunately, he's not ready for potty training so I had to do something.
I use cloth for the most part and my "stash" is made up mostly of BumGenius with aplix hook and loop closure (think velcro). I do use some disposables occasionally but he can get those off, too. We have a couple of Fuzzi Bunz diapers with snaps and he is NOT able to get those off so snaps seem to be the way to go.
I didn't want to buy a bunch of new diapers so despite my utter lack of craftyness (is that a word?), I decided to convert his BG's to snaps by myself. I ordered snaps and snap pliers from KamSnaps and picked up a clear/craft ruler and seam ripper from JoAnn Fabrics all for less than two new cloth diapers or one box of disposables. Also, a very kind WS mama is sending me a couple of snap diapers that she can no longer use.
My little project could have been a disaster because I am not crafty at all (remember?) but I stuck to the tutorial on the KamSnaps site and my first conversion turned out great!
I Am Not a Crafty Mama
I started a second diaper tonight and I am actually really enjoying the process. There's something therapeutic about removing the aplix stitch by stitch, designing the snap layout and applying each snap one-by-one. That, and I love that I'm saving some money and coming up with a solution that will keep Bean (and my floors) clean and dry.
I have about two dozen to go so it might get old pretty quickly. But maybe not. Who knows, when I'm done, I may just find another little project. But probably not because I'm really not crafty at all.

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