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I Am Being Bullied

By Journeymum

I am being bullied

I ran in to a woman today who has habit of making my life miserable. She’s incredibly rude and insensitive.

Here’s a small sample of some of the things she said to me today:

  • You look ridiculous
  • Why do you even bother trying? You should quit.
  • You look so bloated, it’s disgusting
  • You are a terrible mother
  • You aren’t smart enough for this
  • You’re never going to lose that weight

It’s very discouraging and if it was up to her I’d probably never go anywhere or do anything, and I’d wear a paper bag over my head. Yeah, she’s a real piece of work and the worst part is that I just can’t avoid her, because she is me.

I wonder how many of us have such a cruel inner dialogue, and how do you go about changing it?

I am being bullied

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