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How to Remain Sane When Toothless

By Feistytapas @feistytapas
This post was supposed to be a recipe for Oriental-style Steamed Salmon with noodle soup but, when I finished it and went to hit publish, Blogger (the platform my blog sits on) decided it was too delicious to post and swallowed it instead. Yes, it ate the whole thing and left me with one sentence: Serve with Spanish flair! I went to bed after that and I promise I will still write the recipe one day but, let's just say, that Blogger owes me.
Now, this blogger then planned on writing a quick post to update you on my tooth's (or lack thereof) status to let you know that I finally managed to go to the dentist and had a lovely bridge fitted where the hole was, but life got in the way and I didn't get round to writing that post.
However, life in its infinite lack of wisdom (just like my mouth) had other ideas and now I am writing to let you know that I AM TOOTHLESS AGAIN. Yes, the bridge fell out last night (a mere 3 days and a bit after it went in) while I was brushing my teeth. I've no idea why as I was loving my tooth and being rather gentle with it (the fact that I haven't had that much appetite in the last few days thanks to a cold did help with that as I haven't been eating much but drinking lots of fluids).
So tomorrow I have to go back to the dentist and endure the horribleness of having the bridge in again, and let's just hope they can put it in again because I paid 500 quid for it. It was meant to be a permanent solution. When you have old jaw injuries, facing the dentist's chair really is horrible as the tummy churns to make you extremely nervous and you know you will have a jaw and head ache later. By you I mean me, of course.
Instead I shall show you the pretty things I bought on Friday in Cambridge. After I had what I thought was a rather permanent solution fitted to fill the hole at the front of my mouth, I paid a long due visit to Modish Shoes, where I met the lovely owner (Sarah) and bought two pairs of boots for the same money I was thinking of spending on just one pair of boots (yes, I was rather pleased). One of them is this one, which I have been wearing ever since. These are my new all terrain boots (they have been in thick squelchy mud already), they look brown in the photo but they're actually taupe. They're made of a material called Duotex. My feet tend to be cold all the time, not in these boots with their lovely lining.

How to remain sane when toothless

New boots!

How to remain sane when toothless

Sarah holding my other new pair of boots in her lovely shop

If you're ever in Cambridge or if you fancy shoes, visit Modish. Sarah's knowledge about shoes is vast and it makes a huge difference from buying from shop assistants who don't even know how the shoes should be looked after or whether they are waterproof or, in some cases, what material they are. A little while ago I told you about my grandad's fabric shop, well on my dad's side of the family shoes were the family business for about a century and I spent many an hour hanging around shoes.
If you're reading this and are having a dental bridge put in soon, don't be scared. I do have history that may have caused this for all I know. Same thing with implants, the fact that mine fell out years ago doesn't mean that it is a common thing, it means that I was badly hit by a car. Don't jump to conclusions, jump in that dentist chair and count your blessings! Oh and buying shoes really helps afterwards, you know, to take the edge off.

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