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How to Put Together an Effective Gift Registry

By Weddingblog2011

Setting up a gift registry is perhaps one of the easiest parts of preparing for a wedding. However, doing a good job of it eliminates the chances of either making your guests upset or having them bypass the registry altogether to get you a gift that you most definitely do not want. So how do you go about setting this up with as little stress as possible? Here are a few basic questions and answers you might want to keep in mind.

Where should I Register?

If you are fortunate enough to be getting married in your town that you are quite familiar with, chances are that most of your guests will be aware of the place most brides go to for their gift registries. If you are getting married in a place you are not familiar with or have guests coming in from out-of-state or elsewhere, you might want to try the popular stores like Macys, Target, and Williams-Sonoma. These places have established good reputations for having excellent gift registries. However, before you go walking into any store to set up your registry, do your research by checking out bridal forums or even talking to other brides who might have used these places in the past. Know each store’s policies. Are they strict on returning items? Do they accept exchanges? Or do they give refunds? Get to know how friendly their salespeople are and how accommodating and knowledge their bridal team is.

When Should I Register?

Different people will have different answers for this. Some might suggest you start up the registry from the moment you know you’re going to get married, while others think it’s a good idea to set it up at least three-six months before the big day. Whatever you decide, be sure it allows your guests plenty of time to make their decisions, since most of them decide to purchase the gifts within a day of the ceremony. Also keep yourself updated with the store’s merchandise turnovers. Sometimes the items you wished for several months ago might no longer be in stock by the time the wedding comes around.

Can I Register in More than One Store?

Yes, you can. However, no more than three is recommended. If you have varied tastes – like say you really enjoy craft-making, you might decide to register at stores that carry such materials like Michaels. If you are a big fan of horticulture, you might even decide to have a registry at stores that cater to your green thumb. There’s no limit or restriction to where you go can.

How Many Gifts Can I Register For?

Without looking like you’re being too greedy or demanding, try choosing two or three items per guest. This allows more choices for them instead of forcing them to purchase something they might not be comfortable with.

What Price Range Should I Aim For?

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