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How to Exercise Your Dog in the Rain

By Dogercise

How to exercise your dog in the rain


Walking your dog is necessary every day for a healthy pet, but what do you do when the rain is relentless?

Many people treat their house dogs as delicate, easily damaged objects. But even the most pampered dog shares a genetic inheritance with the wolf.  Dogs large and small are sturdy enough to walk in the rain.

Working, sporting, and herding dogs are made to handle the water.  They are all purpose outdoor dogs and many love water and could care less about the rain.

Dogs that dislike the rain just don’t understand that it can be fun.  Jog with your dog and encourage him to jump around and give him treats so the rain is associated with fun.

Cold temperatures can be a bigger issue with some short-haired breeds like Dobermans, older or weaker dogs.  If this is the case, put a sweater on the dog with a rain coat over it.  This will be sufficient enough for a brisk walk or jog outside to drain some energy.

If it is really pouring outside, it is necessary to put a rain coat on the dog, especially if you are going to be outside a long time, or don’t have time to blow dry your dog.  Rain coats for dogs can range from 10 dollars to 60 dollars.  See which one is right for you.

If you have a small short haired dog, a sweater with rain coat are necessary for long walks.

If the dog is small with long hair, you must have the rain coat and be prepared to blow dry him most of the way dry because most small breeds will get sick if they are soaked to the skin for a long period of time because they get cold easy.

How to exercise your dog in the rain

Make sure you have an umbrella.  This will minimize the dampness.  There are even little umbrellas attached to leashes if you really love to spoil your pooch.

Stay under trees, and buildings as much as possible to block some of the wind and rain.

Storms are not safe for you or your dog.  Stay inside till the lightening passes.

If it is icy cold rain or snow, consider trying water proof boots for your pet.  They are not completely necessary for brief trips outside, but if you have a small dog, short haired dog, or a dog that is going to be outside for an extended period of time, you might consider them for your pooch.

Now don’t forget about yourself.  You should have water proof shoes and jacket at the very least.  Have something for your ears for the cool air and wind.  When you have an umbrella the pop-up button ones are the easiest to use when having to handle your dog(s) at the same time.

Just be smart about it.  Your pooch can probably handle more than you think, but always check his behavior when he has dried off.  Also, check his feet to make sure the dampness doesn’t dry out his pads and makes them crack.  It doesn’t happen often, but can, so if you are concerned always check them.

Last resort…purchase a treadmill and play inside games with him.

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