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How To Delete Facebook Page in 4 Steps

Posted on the 03 August 2017 by Dheeraj101
How To Delete Facebook Page in 4 Steps

Along with making friends, meet new people for chat there are various other benefits of Facebook. Entertainment and Business is one of them. When it comes to Entertainment and business, you maybe wondering how it works, the answer is only the platform Facebook provides, and that is Facebook pages.

Facebook pages are the platform on Facebook which gives us the variety of niches to perform actions. You may have a Facebook fan page, an entertainment page where you can post various funny images, gif, videos, a knowledge base page, or you may have a business page and so on. Facebook pages provide you the facility to serve your service between people around the world and specifically to those who like your page. Because we are going to see how you can Delete your Facebook page and there maybe several reasons behind this that make you do this:

Need of Deleting Facebook Page:

No specific reasons there can be regarding this. However, there are some common possibilities that make you delete your page:

  • Enough Bad Following: Your Page may have lots of bad followers who makes your task of running page irritating.
  • Created a Test Page: You have just created a Test page before starting an actual and genuine page and now you are unable to find the option to delete it.
  • Not Having time to keep it up: You may have some personal issues which can make you do this and you are not having time for the page.

Requirements For Deleting your Facebook page:

There are not many requirements to do that. The only required thing before following the steps to delete your page is:

You must have admin Rights: It doesn't matter that the facebook page is created by someone else but now you are the admin on that page. Anyhow you must have admin rights in order to proceed to the deletion process. That is the only requirement Facebook asks you and there are no such requirement that your page must have some age or anything else.

Steps to Delete Facebook Page:

In order to Delete your Facebook page, you must have to go through Below steps:

The first thing you have to do is open/login that Facebook account in which the required facebook page exists with admin right. After login to that account simply open that facebook page and follow below steps:

  • Click on Settings on the top of your page.
  • On General section of Setting page click on Remove page as shown in below image.How To Delete Facebook Page in 4 Steps
  • Now Click your Facebook[Page name].
How To Delete Facebook Page in 4 Steps
    Now a popup will appear in which you will see two buttons and one checkbox. Click on Delete Page button and you are done.
How To Delete Facebook Page in 4 Steps

Additional: On the Delete page you will see Unpublish this page checkbox, if you want to instantly disappear your page from Facebook, you can check that box and then click delete page button.

However, your facebook page will not be deleted instantly because facebook takes 14 days to permanently remove your page from its database. So, in the time between everyone can see your Facebook page and the only thing you can do is click the checkbox before pressing the Delete page button.

Between the time of 14days, if you changed your mind then you can stop the deletion process anytime.

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