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How to Deal with Your Negative Temper?

By Bonirulzz @bonirulzz

This post is basically about dealing with negative temper :( in you .Today i will share with you how to break that Negative pattern of your mind and start feeling positive :)

Good Days and Bad Days are a part of everybody’s lives.When everything is coming to us we feel very good and happy but then when things turn the other way around we curse ourself and God.

Here’s the thing that you should do when you are not feeling good.

Feeling bad is the state you are in.Your purpose is to come out of it.Now this can be done by doing the stuffs that makes you feel happy and get you to the state where you forget all your worries.It can be calling up your friends, playing some good music, taking a walk or playing some musical instrument, reading novels, Watching the movie you admire the most,Games…it can be anything. It varies from one person to other.

So first know what things turns you on in life ! Then simply do that thing.When you start doing that stuff you will gradually shift from Negative Temper to Positive mood.

Let me tell you, how this stuff works:When you do things you like the most, you enter into a different world all of sudden, all worries and problems will be virtually thrown out of your mind and you will be left out with only good things.Resulting into breaking the Negative pattern.

The process mention above is not easy and fast to learn.It requires once patience and faith to master it.
If you tried once but didn’t work then don’t get turn off instead try it again.With patience and practice will you will definitely master it.

So thats it for today,
I hope the content will help you whenever you are feeling down.

Thank you.
Cheer me up by commenting below!

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