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How Many Cyclists Would It Take to Power a Home?

Posted on the 15 April 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

I had this How many Cyclists would it take to power a home?interesting bit of content sent to me recently and thought I would share it with everybody else.

Some people may be able to figure out how much energy their home uses in a typical average day simply by looking at their power bill, but to most people “watts and kilowatts” do not mean that much to them, so it can often be pretty hard to really put Energy Usage into everyday perspective for most.

So that is where this neat little video comes in, in an effort to demonstrate which common appliances use the most energy, Baxi Ecogen have teamed up with Olympic and World Champion Cyclist Nicole Cooke to show us how much pedal power it takes her to power up a lightbulb, to use a kettle, to run a microwave and various other everyday household appliances. Check it out I am sure that most people would be pretty surprised at the results.

This video has been brought to us by Baxi Ecogen dual energy system, manufactured by UK boiler manufacturer Baxi, is being heralded as the biggest revolution in the home heating industry since the condensing boiler. It is a wall hung gas boiler that generates electricity you can use in your home at the same time as it provides your heating and hot water and can save households hundreds of pounds on their annual fuel bills.

In addition, it is eligible for the Feed-in Tariff. This means their energy supplier will pay them 10p for every kilowatt of electricity they generate and a further 3p for any electricity they don’t use which is returned to the electricity grid. And it can help to substantially reduce the home’s carbon footprint. For more information visit


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