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How Loud is Too Loud? – Infographic Monday

Posted on the 27 June 2011 by Onthatpage

When is Noise too Loud?Hellow dear Readers! It is time for another Infographic Monday, well i know is not monday! but there was a debt with you about the infographic for this week! No more waiting, here it is! and it is about the sound and how loud is supported by our ears without hearing loss. Enjoy, learn something and take care of your audition.

The sound intensity is measured by decibel or dB, it is a logarithmic scale, not linear. It is used most often on sound, signals and telecommunication stuff as a measure unit that relates two quantities. Related to the noise itself, the infographic show some cool facts about the loudest noises on earth, the loudest concerts and some sings that show you if you are experienced some hearing loss.

Chart showing how loud is a sound too loud

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