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By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
My head is about ready to pop!   I really don't enjoy making decisions for myself when it comes to design, and suddenly I am bombarded with questions from electricians, contractors and my husband as to what goes where.  I have been so busy the past few weeks, that I haven't been able to give it my focus, so I am just making snap decisions and hoping I am right.  This is definitely one of the downsides to just jumping into a renovation without a real plan.  Truly "intuitive decorating".
One thing that I am contemplating is the area in front of our fireplace.  It is tight, (9' x 12') with doors or passageways on every side, so I am thinking maybe making it a cozy study area.  I would love to stick a desk out there and be able to work "outside" my office when I feel like it, and feeling more connected to everyone else.  I can always go hide in my regular office when things get loud or crazy.  The light is also so nice out there. 
so here is a lil' montage of cozy work/study areas I am dreaming about home-work
 these two aren't so little: home-work
I also wanted to show you guys the miracle/updates that happened during BLIZZARD week/weekend!
It was a long crazy weekend, book-ended by two days off from school, so the kids though it pretty much rocked.  Have to agree with them.  The only time I appreciate the word "hunkering" is when it refers to parking myself next to a fireplace in a snowstorm with lots of supplies (magazines and wine).
This is what went down:
First off, the window miracle. My house underwent a bit of cosmetic surgery and successfully received some new "enhancements". This happened less than 24 hours hours before the blizzard... home-work it was cut wide open in 20 degree weather. my house was all "brrrrrr" and I was all "what happens if you guys can't get the windows in?" 
But they were superstars and finished by 7 pm. After... home-work (seriously, there is nothing like an impending blizzard to get shit done)
So, the area I am thinking for my desk is in front of the french doors. What do you think?
Oh, and here was the before...  house of big sliders home-work The rest of the house will be getting new windows in  a few days,  so I will be wearing long underwear and ear muffs.
Things that get my husband real excited... this window...  home-work he unwrapped it, caressed it and I think he might have named it too. It is sitting in our living room, and I pray the kid's don't break it.
Besides that nonsense, blizzard fun was had. We sledded outdoors... home-work
and indoors,  we can call this one schlizzard fun ...
home-workhome-workhome-work My sister and I taught our kid's how to floor slide on blankets at my parent's house. Bourbon Old Fashioneds were involved,  and my sister and I might need knee replacements sooner than we hoped. Good times, and no one was injured that bad.

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