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Home Remedies - I

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
  • Applying honey into your eyes can eventually get you get rid of spectacles.
  • Rest some uncooked potato (sliced or grated) on your eyes to lessen the dark circles
  • Honey-curd- gram flour- turmeric (just a pinch)-rose water mixed together make a great face mask.
  • Chewing on Tulsi (aka Basil in the West) helps dry-up a runny nose

  • Whipped egg and beer, each an excellent hair conditioner.

  • Oil, mixed with few lemon drops and applied on hair half-an-hour before head bath can make 'receding hairline' a thing of yesterday.
Now, I am not particularly fond of such bullet point posts with little or no writing. Please excuse me, for its one of those days when nothing that I write seems good enough. So you will have to make do with concentrating on information, rather than words.

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