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History Repeats Itself

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
When my brothers and I were young, we received a dog for Christmas.  She was a German Shepard mix that came from the same animal shelter from which we adopted Oreo.  She was the nosiest dog ever.  We decided nosey was a crazy name for a dog so we called her Snoopy.  Everyone thought Snoopy was named after the cartoon character, but people always liked the back story better.  One of our favorite Snoopy stories was when Mom opened the fridge door one Christmas morning and ate some cherries off the cherry cheesecake pie. 
Recently I came into the kitchen to see the blond twin staring into the fridge with Oreo at her side.  I said, "What is the dog doing in the fridge?"  The blond twin looked down and said, "Oreo, keep out of the leftovers."  Oreo was snacking on leftover stir fry while the blond twin was looking for something.  The dog kept snacking until I said, "Shut the fridge door!"
My husband wisely said, "Well, now we  have to remember to always cover the leftovers."  We could also ask the girls to keep the dog out of the fridge, but covering the leftovers seems easier.

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