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Here Comes the Sun

By Koridonahue @blondeepisodes

Here Comes the SunFloppy Hat
Good morning!  It's a gorgeous day in sunny Southern California and I'm excited to get my tan on.  There's nothing better than relaxing by the pool with a good book and some iced tea.  Every girl knows there's a routine to laying out that requires some good products and a huge hat.  Here are some of my essentials:
The first thing that's a must have is a big floppy hat.  The older I get the more concerned I am about getting sun on my face, so get a fun one that looks chic and does the job.  The black and straw hat above from Nordstrom is perfect.
Here Comes the SunBB. Creme by Garnier
Next, you need some protection for your face.  Have you heard of B.B. creams?  They're the newest thing. Garnier makes a great version.  It's a moisturizer, brightener, foundation all in one.  I love this stuff and it gives you a little coverage so you don't feel completely makeup free, while protecting your skin at the same time.  It's really reasonable too.
Here Comes the SunAustralian Gold SPF 8 Bronzer
Now that we've got the face covered, let's move on to the body.  My parents took us to Hawaii every year for vacation and I instantly got hooked on the Australian Gold products.  Not too many places on the mainland used to carry it.  The smell is heavenly and of course reminds me of those vacations.  It comes in different levels of SPF but I prefer an 8 so I get a little color.  The best part about this one is it's a spray gel with bronzer, so you look instantly tan while you're working on your real color.  
Here Comes the Sun
Baby Lips by Maybelline
This product is sold out all the time, which tells you it must be good.  Baby Lips by Maybelline is the perfect way to gloss your lips while protecting them at the same time.  Everyone I know swears by this product and collects them in every color.
Here Comes the Sun
Beach Towel by Target
How cute is this towel?  Perfect for us bloggers for sure.  There are a ton of cute towels and they're very reasonable in price at Target.  
So what's left?  Get yourself a great magazine, book, glass of iced tea, and of course your iPod and you're good to go for the perfect day in the sun!

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