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Hens Day - Windsor Hotel High Tea & Karaoke

By Kerker
Wedding Wednesday!!! I was planning on writing about my earrings and shoes but I brought them over to my parents place and forgot to take any photos! Last weekend, my sister and best friend organised my hens day at Windsor Hotel high tea & karaoke. I also found out that both my sis and cousin have been reading my blog.
As soon as we walked into the dining room (where the high tea was held), we looked like tourist. Most of us grab a camera and went around taking photos of all the cakes and sweets. I'm glad I did because 30mins later most of the cakes were 1/2 demolished.Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke 
Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke 
Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & KaraokeA chocolate fountain!!! First time I tried dipping strawberries and marshmallows into a chocolate foundation.Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke
Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke I forgot what this was called, but it was really delish!! It had layers of pastries and cream. Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke  Our table was so full, we couldn't fit much stuff into it. This place has so much savory stuff, the scones were really good!Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke My sis organised a suprised, the waiter came with out with this plate. Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke After high tea, we went back to the apartment to play some games. We were designing wedding dresses out of toilet paper. I didn't post any pics because no one wanted their faces on my blog lol This picture is the aftermath (it looked worse in real life than in the pic).Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke Some of the prizes that were won!Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke 
Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & KaraokeI was doing all sorts of poses with the toilet paper!Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke 
At night, we went to karaoke at Rainbow Karaoke (again no pics). My sis and cousin were both screaming their lungs out, I was surprise they could still talk at the end of the night. By 12, I was soooo tired and my voice was almost gone. We left at one-ish, a very good effort! If you are reading this M (my sis), thanks for organising!! You did a great job!
Tomorrow, I'm getting my nails done at Miss Fox, can't wait for it!! I'll definitely post something on it.
Thanks for reading!!! 3 days to go!!Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke

Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke
Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke

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