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Help Africa…By Eating Chocolate!

Posted on the 19 May 2011 by Mregina @justfundraising

Last night I was watching TV and saw this commercial….

 Bingo my next blog post!

Cadbury is a divison of Kraft food (we’ve covered them in previous blog posts and how they’re helping feed the hungry and the Maxwell House Brew Some Good campaigns) part of a world wide food producer.  They’ve come up with a brilliant campaign to help people in Africa.

“In Africa, a bicycle can mean access to clean water, medical care and education,” says Luisa Girotto, Vice President Corporate Affairs, Cadbury North America. “Through The Bicycle Factory program we can improve overall mobility and therefore livelihood and we know Canadians will be empowered to help us realize our goal.”
How does it work? The bikes are being “built” online at With every Cadbury UPC code entered, a bicycle part is virtually created and added to the bike in progress. Each of the 5,000 bicycles is made up of 100 parts—which means a total of 50,000 UPC codes.

All you have to do to help this cause is eat chocolate bars (I know, I know…I’m rough on you people ). I went to Cadbury’s webpage and they have a counter past 9,000 totaling the number of bikes they’ve built in the past two years of the campaign. You can sign up for more information and enter a contest for a ten day trip to Ghana to deliver the bikes.

This is a fantastic way to help improve somebody’s life and all you have to do is eat chocolate!

If you would like to help out this cause check out or contact us for fundraising ideas that you can do to help.

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