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Healthy Banana Milkshake

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy
Healthy Banana MilkshakeHealthy Banana Milkshake
Here's my recipe for a healthy banana milkshake, that tastes even better than the ones you buy at fastfood restaurants, and just as thick even though you don't use ice cream!
Whenever you buy a milkshake at a fastfood restaurant, it will be full of sugar and fat from the ice cream it's made with. I like my version a lot better than those unhealthy ones, because this one tastes like real bananas (oh, you thought they actually put a banana in your banana milkshake at MacDonalds? Ehm, no..) and it's much healthier but just as thick and yummy!
What you need (for two people):One big banana (or two small ones)100 ml milk400 ml of low fat soft curd cheese (magere kwark)a little bit of honey, if you like.
Just put everything in the blender and blend!
After that, put it in the freezer for a few minutes. This isn't necessary but it makes your milkshake taste more like a 'real' milkshake.This milkshake contains a lot of protein so it will fill you up for a while!For an extra anti-oxidant boost, sprinkle a few crushed walnuts on top. 

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