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Happy St. Patrick's Day (Beannachtaí Na Féile Pádraig Oraibh)

By Gerard @presurfer

Are yer wearin' green the-day? An Oirish sayin' 'olds dat 'if you're jammy enoof ter be Oirish, den you're jammy enoof.' On St. Patreck's day it seems dat everyone is Oirish. Here are sum St. Patreck's day links:
Happy St. Patrick's Day (Beannachtaí Na Féile Pádraig Oraibh
Leprechauns are aged, diminutive men an' 'ard-workin' cobblers, turnin' oyt exquisite tackies for other sprites. If yer 'appen across an industrious wee fella 'ammerin' oyt a shoe, luk closely - for yer man may be a leprechaun. Step quietly, for wee people 'ill avoid 'umans, knowin' us ter be foolish an' greedy.
Happy St. Patrick's Day (Beannachtaí Na Féile Pádraig Oraibh
St Patreck's Day Toast.
Genetically speakin', yer may not be Oirish. but through de use av modern technology, yer can be! Create yer St Paddy's Day Toast ter send ter yer lads. Choose yer toast, den upload a picture av yerself, adjust it, an' listen ter yer toast. De guy in de picture above is not me, that's just a random Oirishman.
(t'anks Cora)
The 'istory av St. Patreck's Day.
Fluffernutter O'Malley. That's me leprechaun name.
What is yer leprechaun name?
Happy St. Patrick's Day (Beannachtaí Na Féile Pádraig Oraibh
Aye, they are Oirish chickens. An' they are Riverdancin'.The Presurfer

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